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Best of Competitive Mixed Wrestling - Volume 1

Georgina vs Fraser
Luna vs Paul
Yasmin vs Steve
Christine vs Mark
Lisa Marie vs Paul
Sonia vs Fraser
Stacey vs John
Kelly vs Fraser

A compilation of some of the best of mixed wrestling featuring popular girls who always gave their best.

We have compiled Volume 1 to showcase good competitive action that features some then novice girls most of whom went on to wrestle for many years with TPC.

Georgina stayed unbeaten; Lisa Marie was indeed a beautiful Amazon; Yasmin loved to inflict pain; muscular Christine was formidable; Luna great to watch; Sonia loved to wrestle; Stacey and Kelly just enjoyed the action.

This is a true collectors tape and it is priced at just 29.95 as it is DOUBLE LENGTH AT 119 minutes. GREAT VALUE!

| 1 hour 59 minutes | 287 megs - 2 parts | Just 29.95 U.S. |

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