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Topless Return Challenge - Semi-Pro Style

Laura Lee (France) vs Pam (Mauritius)
Lucy (England) vs Debbie (England)

Two matches that feature very popular girls.

French star Laura and Dark Asian beauty Pam start with some athletic warm-up exercuises. In their first match (TPC 6/01) Pam K.O.'d the French girl... now Laura seeks revenge. Laura is aggressive and fit but Pam seems to be able to take punishment and still fight back. The match swings back and forth until one is victorious.

Lucy might be small but she is very aggressive and determined to use any means to subdue the new brunette Debbie.

Both matches are fast and use many holds. Excellent value: over 60 minutes of quality action. Features super long head scissors, choke holds and a knockout.

| 1 HOUR 15 minutes | 200 megs | Just 24.95 U.S. |

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